Shyness: Evolutionary Tactic?

Look, I know I don’t post here enough. I’m too busy trying to survive these difficult economic times to devote energy to the things I value most, like this Web Site, but I read this article in the New York Times today that is so good, so important that I had to pass it on. Read This. Read This. Read This and know that you are not a freak.

My favorite line in this three page article is a quote from Winifred Gallagher: “Neither E=mc2 nor ‘Paradise Lost’ was dashed off by a party animal.”

Here’s the article. Read it all.

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    • Jim
    • October 11, 2014

    Great article. I agree 100%. As an illustrator, I learned long ago that I simply cannot work well with someone in the house – just knowing I’m alone puts me in a happy, relaxed framed of mind to work. That said, I can still enjoy the company of my partner, too. For me, there has to be a balance. Two separate worlds, in fact!

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