What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

The third most common psychological disorder is social anxiety disorder, which , in this country, affects close to 20 million people.  This condition is marked by an excessive degree of self-consciousness.  Sufferers feel as if they’re always being watched and judged.  It manifests in a heightened degree of anxiety during social situation.

Social anxiety disorder sufferers behave as do those who suffer other phobias.  They may logically understand that there is no spotlight on them, that other people are too busy worrying about their own projected image to be concerned with them, the logic has no impact on the condition.

Social anxiety disorder can be crippling, can affect the quality of life of the suffer and those involved in their lives.  Sufferers, in anticipation of experiencing the extreme anxiety, of embarrassing themselves in public, will tend to avoid social situations as much as possible.  This avoidance can negatively impact their lives and their livelihoods.

Remember, they are not cowards, they are not weak, they are merely suffering from an emotional disorder beyond their control.  They need understanding and they need professional help.

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