What is Agoraphobia?

Fear of travel is the most commonly used definition of agoraphobia.  It can become serious when a person cannot bring themselves to leave their home or only a mild case where they can only travel a short distance away from their home.  When they step outside what they consider a safe distance, they may have a panic attack.

Take small steps in order to slow these attacks. If you want to overcome them finally, then you have to start by setting goals of ways to overcome your agoraphobia attacks.  A good support group of relatives and pals will help you get through this plan.

An attack can be most frustrating for someone who does suffer from these types of attacks. There is often less rationale for these than for the usual kind of panic attacks. If you are afraid of public areas, that can result from social anxiety. A person who suffers from agoraphobic attacks may be so embarrassed they are afraid to travel in case they suffer an attack in public.

You have to learn to push yourself and your limits in order to overcome these attacks. This makes it harder to treat and so many attacks worsen in intensity before they lessen.  If you stay within a safe zone all the time, then you can sort of ignore your condition.  But even though you can ignore it for a while, remember it is just a symptom of a chronic social disorder. It will not go away just because you ignore it; you must face your fears head-on and work through them.
That is the only way you will ever be able to conquer them completely.

A little at a time, you can overcome agoraphobia.  It take a whole lot of patience and some time. This is when you really need to find a trusted friend to help you through this time in your life.


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